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Quick question:

"Hey, this might be a little awkward, but [friend] over there won't leave me alone until I'm officially shot down. So, would you like to join me for coffee some time?"

Acceptable? Endearing? Pathetic?
Definitely not a line I would personally choose... depends on the tone you put it in, if it is laid back and casual then maybe with a little bit of charm it would come off as humourous; however, other than that it comes off as not confident which wouldn't help. I am of the opinion that humour is a wonderful ice breaker, even the cheesiest lines can be successful if done properly. A really silly one that I personally enjoy is 'How much does a polar bear weigh? ....enough to break the ice, my name is so and so' (just realized how painfully ironic that statement is in our current climate). Anyway, good luck my advice may not be helpful but I am an extremely lucky man to be engaged to an amazing woman and I owe it to my overabundace of humour.