Kim closed her eyes, pondering what he said. That was a lot to take in, actually. Another radiant, seemingly crazy powerful and bent on killing Tainted without discrimination. A branch of the Cult in this city, and semingly quite influent at that - or at least, with a lot of servants. Rising corpses and... Making them travel through the darkness, perhaps? To make them "appear out of thin air"... Did they all just got involved into a war?
She sighed, and stopped polishing her staff, instead meeting Gerald's eyes with a steady gaze.

"I'm sorry. Actions have consequences, wether you knew what you were doing or not. You walked in, now you can't walk out.
Whatever you did, however small and insignificant to your eyes, helped a bunch of terrible people achieve terrible ends. They have done things no man should ever do, and broached powers that should be left alone. And you played your part in all their crimes, however small.
How did the song put it? "You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave."
But we're not here to punish you. My friends here might want to force you to help us, but ultimately it is going to be your own choice, because we can't torture you or hurt you for our ends. You are people, too. And you were misguided.
In the end, it's up to you to answer this one question: can you leave? Can you forget everything you've done? Can you forgive yourself if your help ends up causing suffering and death, and you could have done something to atone?
Can you choose to do nothing?"

Trying for a Manipulation + Expression roll.
2 Successes.