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    It seemed as though the Master of Fate was not as with him now as he was before, as Setesh was the only one who was unable to land blows. But the sorcerer was not one to give up in face of bad odds. Vra'tzaen would land a blow at some point. And Setesh could notice the daemon within wanted it too, as it was now strangely humming and cackling at the same time.


    Half Action Aim
    Half Action Swift Attack:
    (1d100)[64] vs 80 (+5 for g-cm, +5 for Khorne dedication, +10 ganging up, +10 aim)
    Unnatural Weapon Skill (7) adds +4 DoS.
    6 DoS.

    Damage rolls with Pen 10, Force, Tearing, +3 dmg when inflicting Critical Damage
    (1d10+19)[9](28) or (1d10+19)[2](21) for 1 DoS
    and (1d10+19)[8](27) or (1d10+19)[3](22) for 3 DoS
    and (1d10+19)[8](27) or (1d10+19)[5](24) for 5 DoS
    and (1d10+19)[10](29) or (1d10+19)[1](20) for 7 DoS
    and (1d10+19)[5](24) or (1d10+19)[1](20) for 9 DoS

    Potential Killing Will in OOC.
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