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    Setesh could feel he would soon change into something he was not ready for if he could not land a blow on the Word Bearer, and kept on his assault with his daemon weapon.

    Half Action Aim
    Half Action Swift Attack:
    (1d100)[8] vs 70 (+5 for g-cm, +5 for Khorne dedication, +10 aim, +10 ganging up, -10 fatigue)
    Unnatural Weapon Skill (7) adds +4 DoS.
    11 DoS.
    Damage rolls with Pen 10, Force, Tearing, +3 dmg when inflicting Critical Damage
    (1d10+19)[2](21) or (1d10+19)[1](20) for 1 DoS
    and (1d10+19)[1](20) or (1d10+19)[7](26) for 3 DoS
    and (1d10+19)[9](28) or (1d10+19)[8](27) for 5 DoS
    and (1d10+19)[1](20) or (1d10+19)[9](28) for 7 DoS
    and (1d10+19)[5](24) or (1d10+19)[9](28) for 9 DoS

    Potential Killing Will in OOC.
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