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    The last hit the sorcerer felt. A lot. He reeled back a little from the blow to his arm and without trying to hit any particular place he just swung his sword at the Word Bearer. The Weaver of Fates was definately with him, as the Word Bearer's forcefield had overloaded just before this, which allowed Setesh to land a hit on the kin of Lorgar. A somewhat fatigued sorcerer channeled his will through Vra'tzaen which made the daemon weapon flare up in a strongly colored blue and purple flame as the Word Bearer recieved the sorcerer's will manifest through his body enveloping him in the warpfire.

    Half Action Swift Attack:
    (1d100)[34] vs 60 (+5 for g-cm, +5 for Khorne dedication, +10 ganging up, -10 fatigue)
    Unnatural Weapon Skill (7) adds +4 DoS.

    Damage rolls with Pen 10, Force, Tearing, +3 dmg when inflicting Critical Damage
    (1d10+19)[9](28) or (1d10+19)[5](24) for 1 DoS
    and (1d10+19)[9](28) or (1d10+19)[7](26) for 3 DoS

    and (1d10+19)[6](25) or (1d10+19)[8](27) for 5 DoS
    and (1d10+19)[2](21) or (1d10+19)[6](25) for 7 DoS [26]
    and (1d10+19)[7](26) or (1d10+19)[5](24) for 9 DoS

    Potential Killing Will in OOC.
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