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    Once Setesh was able to land a hit, his considerable psychic will was able to fell the capable warrior of the Word Bearers just as he knew he would. The problem was landing that first blow. It took considerable effort, as Setesh was now badly hurt. His leg was probably broken, as he had troubles moving as gracefully as usual -- though it was still more than he would be able to without assistance from the psychic power he had sustained all this time. One of his arms was more or less not functional at this moment, but it was not his usual sword-arm. But his devotion in the Lord of Change had been proven when it counted the most, as the Word Bearer's cursed force field had become overloaded allowing him to be struck down.

    Though it would seem another Dark God must have had some interest in the Word Bearer, as Setesh was denied his sacrifice to the Changer. I shall find and have him bleed and crumble to dust for you my Lord. he thought, consciously avoiding to broadcast his thoughts to everyone in range -- his fatigue made it a little harder to keep his considerable telepathic strength under control.

    He heard someone. Someone who applauded him for defeating the Word Bearer. He looked and searched for this mysterious voice, with both his ordinary senses and his warpsight.

    If needed: Awareness test: (1d100)[89] vs 35
    Psyniscience test: (1d100)[21] vs 45
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