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    Quote Originally Posted by sun_tzu View Post
    Erin Watson

    "Gerald..." there was genuine sadness in Erin's voice. "I think I can understand why you would join with them. Everyone can get...unstable...when our emotions overwhelm us. And I can't imagine it getting much more overwhelming than grief at the loss of someone so close to you."
    She took a deep breath. "But everything I've heard about this Cult of Broken Dreams...It doesn't sound like they help people deal with their grief. It sounds like they cultivate it. There's so many suicides associated with them that, well..."

    “I know that,” He replied, “But I wanted to have power. I didn’t want to have to feel bad about anything, or feel anything at all.”

    Quote Originally Posted by Iscariote View Post
    "Thanks everybody. But if we talk all on the same time, mister Gerald will be lost. One question at time."

    Shina place herself in front of the man.

    "You said, that you have nothing to do with this aberation. Well, I won't let you go away. Not that I don't believe you. But If you ran away, the others nobility will come after you, and your life will end. So what I propose you is to work for us to make down the Cult. While you work for us, we will make what we can to protect you."

    The princess turn herself in front of the others.

    "Is it alrigth for you?"

    “W-what?” Now the man seemed to be getting agitated again. “Work for you? I can’t. That woman, she’d find me, and she killed me. You heard her! Everyone I even knew is dead, and if there’s anyone left they’d try and kill me too!” His head shakes vehemently at the idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mechanix View Post

    Kim closed her eyes, pondering what he said. That was a lot to take in, actually. Another radiant, seemingly crazy powerful and bent on killing Tainted without discrimination. A branch of the Cult in this city, and semingly quite influent at that - or at least, with a lot of servants. Rising corpses and... Making them travel through the darkness, perhaps? To make them "appear out of thin air"... Did they all just got involved into a war?
    She sighed, and stopped polishing her staff, instead meeting Gerald's eyes with a steady gaze.

    "I'm sorry. Actions have consequences, wether you knew what you were doing or not. You walked in, now you can't walk out.
    Whatever you did, however small and insignificant to your eyes, helped a bunch of terrible people achieve terrible ends. They have done things no man should ever do, and broached powers that should be left alone. And you played your part in all their crimes, however small.
    How did the song put it? "You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave."
    But we're not here to punish you. My friends here might want to force you to help us, but ultimately it is going to be your own choice, because we can't torture you or hurt you for our ends. You are people, too. And you were misguided.
    In the end, it's up to you to answer this one question: can you leave? Can you forget everything you've done? Can you forgive yourself if your help ends up causing suffering and death, and you could have done something to atone?
    Can you choose to do nothing?"

    Trying for a Manipulation + Expression roll.
    2 Successes.

    Kim’s words seemed to calm him a little, though, and he shakily offers, “I can tell you all the places I’ve been and give you a list of the people I’ve been in contact with. Even the dead ones, if you want. I call tell you everything I did, I promise, but I can’t help you. I can’t go back, I’ll get killed, they knew everything about me. What if that woman knows too? I’ll write it down, or whatever you want, just let me go after, please.”

    Roll again at -3 if you want to try and convince him again. Otherwise he'll just provide you with detailed records. He's pretty convinced helping you will get him killed.

    Quote Originally Posted by jamieth View Post
    Shirley stands up, placing her notebook into her backpack - next to the cult's one. Of course, leaving that at home would be... unwise.
    "Ok, I guess I heard most of what I hoped for today; of course, some names would be nice to have, but that can wait. Meanwhile," she looks at the cellphone, "sorry, can't afford to miss any more lessons today. Need to stay on the teachers' good side, you know, to get myself some leeway in times of need."

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Seekers only get Duty rolls for either teaching others or learning some obscure information, not simple studying, right?

    ((This would be correct. So you're going to school?))

    Quote Originally Posted by silphael View Post

    "I think we may do it easy: you will explain to us all you know about the Cult. Here is what I say: you help us, and during all that time, you are free to go. I know that's nearly a joke because of that woman, but... that's all we can do for you. We will help you to enjoy what it means to be alive. But I have one more question: do you have a family?"

    He shook his head. "I have some out of town, but nobody else here."
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