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    Default Re: Gaols and Giants - The Playground rewrites third Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Yitzi View Post
    Perhaps the best way is to make a lot of the options modular; that way, there's less to keep track of but still a whole lot of options (more options generally makes for a richer game, as long as you don't have some classes with far more options and comparable power to others.)
    Mmm, yeah. It'd be pretty easy to make skill tricks modular. Feats... I dunno. It'll probably be OK, for the most part, as long as players aren't idiots about not recording what their abilities do.

    Pre-made example characters aren't a bad idea, all told. We might also write up some suggested feat/skill trick/spell tracks, like the PHB2 had in the back. You know, something to help both new players and busy DMs.
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