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Thread: Battle Royale Nr.7 - The Revival

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    And the statistics:

    Round 3: Cassie stabs the dead Superdark for 24 points.

    Round 4: Cassie kills Count Dingdong.

    Round 5: She overkills Vesth. 13 points for the dead body.

    Round 7: Our barbarian makes the killing blow against usourselves&we

    Round 8: The last and mortal strike against The Phantom.

    Round 10: Castaras mutilates Gray Mages body with 9 points.

    Conclusio: She killed 3 people and stabbed 46 points out of dead bodies.

    And our Barbarian Castaras leads the table of the most violent Battlers. Ex Aequo with billtodamax who also killed 3 people.

    Two people killed Tasroth, usourselves&we and Reinholdt.

    The last of the three surviving players, TBFProgrammer, didn't kill anyone till now.
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