Setesh was a little relieved it was not someone who was likely to attack him on sight. He was not sure he could survive another difficult combat before he had time to recover a little. The two warband leaders were not necessarily friendly, though, especially not the khornate. And that Space Wolf among them. Setesh's hatred flared up a little, remembering his home burning as he looked upon the Wolf. It did not matter much that it was not one of the corpse-god's pups. But he forced himself to calm down. It was not the time or the place, and especially not in this shape. If only his mastery of biomancy was greater he would be able to recover faster.

They were talking about the sorcerer, Setesh still with Vra'tzaen gripped in his hand. The daemon weapon was beginning to calm down and lower its volume rather quickly in the presence of the two dangerous individuals before them. He did not know how long they had been standing there, but they had seen him defeat the Word Bearer atleast. And evidently Setesh had just defeated the champion of the temple, the seeming commander of the splintered Word Bearers. What they said was somewhat true, if you followed the rules of honour. That he had first right to the spoils. But the Word Bearer had been whisked away and the sorcerer did not know what valuables the temple contained. Atleast not what was valuable to him.

"I would not expect two such as you to be acquaintances." Setesh snarkily replied, still a little out of breath. "As their commander was unlucky enough to not having the honour of being sacrificed to the Changer of Ways, I would instead need to have a look around the temple to see what loot these 'heretics' might have stashed." he said as he had a better look at the room he was in, his sight having been fixed upon his now-defeated opponent until now. Of course he did not care much for what 'loot' there was. If he was to find what secrets and information the temple contained, he would need to look and search for it. He was disappointed that he was not able to keep the Word Bearer alive. He had wanted to rip out any information contained within his mind.

To Setesh's surprise it seemed the Night Lord was still alive. "++Minor injuries, inside the temple.++" the sorcerer quickly replied.