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    Quote Originally Posted by planswalker View Post
    the rock missing, Leon will say, "Well, didn't know that this thing was also ground. Looks like I'll have to switch out."

    Leon will switch out Nicolai for Volta, who will bubble at the thing.

    Shale cringes from the bubbles Volta fired at him. When the dust clears, the pokemon is still up, though it looks little worse for ware.

    Gneiss smiles at you.Water type was a good choice, but let me show you why we battle in the cage. You can't escape our attacks when the walls stop your movement. Shale raises his arms into the air, and slams them into a ground and causing a miniature earthquake.

    Magnitude! (1d20)[20] AC 2 physical ground. (1d6)[4]
    On 1 (1d4+17)[19]
    (2d10+17)[19] Rolled an additional 7 damage for crit in OOC thread.
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