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    Default Re: [GURPS 4e, IC] The Dying of the Light — Infection


    Anna makes it safely down the ladder, with Morten close behind. Suddenly the plexiglass in the door to the medical facility shatters, and three of the infected patients fall through the hole in the door and into the lobby, with the others right behind.

    Ese, Maxwell and Brenda are the only ones remaining in the lobby. The first infected to come through the door are 10 yards away, although they've fallen through the door and will take a couple seconds to stand. Any others that try to go through the hole in the door will be slowed somewhat by the ones blocking the way.

    There might be time for one person to jump down through the hatch, although it's about a twelve-to-fifteen foot fall to a hard metal floor, and you may strike Morten and Anna on the way down.

    To your right are the two main elevators (neither of which are currently called this floor) and the main staircase. The open door to the security office is across the lobby, about fifteen yards away—and you'd have to cross the attacking infected to get to it.


    There's an emergency exit in the video arcade that—if you remember correctly—leads to the area near the secondary elevators/stairs and the staircase up to the Viking Crown Lounge. There are a great number of heavy games in the arcade and furniture (couches, tables, etc.) in the Living Room that could be used to barricade a door if need be.

    The Carvers continue to look around, but Adam is nowhere to be found.

    You tell Pete about the sound you heard through the door to the disco. Danielle and Emma stand watch at the door while you and him check it out.

    You both listen at the door, confirming the sound is still there: the quiet, wet noise, a soft moan, a sharp intake of breath. After a few moments of quiet deliberation, you throw open the door while Pete leaps inside, his fists raised. You rush in after him.

    The disco is a large room with a dance floor in the middle and couches and tables along the outside wall. The main lights are off, but someone has turned on the disco ball, giving you enough light to see the source of the noise.

    A teenage boy and girl are entwined on one of the couches, both of their shirts off, making out. As you burst into the room, the girl jumps up and screams, "What the ****?!", quickly grabbing her shirt and covering herself.

    Pete groans and turns away. "Get your clothes on, both of you. Now."

    Adam is about sixteen, with his mother's black hair, dark brown eyes and pointed chin, and his father's lips and nose. Even in the dim light you can see that he's blushing furiously as he quickly pulls on his shirt and grabs his headphones from the ground nearby, putting them around his neck. "Dad, I was—"

    "Oh, I know exactly what you were doing," says a voice from the doorway. Danielle is there, her face like thunder. She marches into the disco, seizes he son forcibly by the elbow, and drags him into the Living Room. Her voice fades as they walk off, but you have no trouble hearing the opening salvo of her tongue-lashing: "You have no idea how much trouble you're in. My God, Adam, with what's happened we were so worried. Do you realize what could have happened? If you ever make me worry like that again …"

    The teenage girl has put her shirt back on. She's quite pretty, with coppery red hair, big blue eyes and a splash of freckles across her noise. There's something about the prideful way she carries herself, though, that's somewhat off-putting; she doesn't look at all embarrassed, but rather indignant.

    Pete massages his temple. "So what do we do now?"
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