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    Default Re: [GURPS 4e, IC] The Dying of the Light Infection


    Yep! I'll have to wait for Maxwell to get back, since what he does might effect whether they chase you.


    "Lurch, we're coming down; you did get that crazy lady in the dress, right?" the walkie-talkie crackles.

    The hatch above opens and a Hispanic man peeks down through it. Lurch smiles awkwardly in spite of the stinging of his scraped chest, and waves up at the hatch. "Oh, hey. Yeah, we met her."

    The man's face disappears from view, and moments later a shaking blonde woman rushes through the hatch and down the ladder. From above comes the sound of cracking and screaming, followed by two more people coming down: a blonde woman in a doctor's smock and a man in an officer's uniform, who you immediately recognize as Captain Rendahl. The hatch above suddenly slams shut.

    "Ese!" Lurch yells, bewildered.

    Captain Rendahl runs a hand through his sweaty hair. "It's no good; they've swarmed Deck 01. My God, Anna, how many were in there?!"

    The blonde doctor is distraught, but the act of recollection seems to calm her. "We had sixty-three sick patients," she says in a quiet, accented voice.

    "And now they're loose on the ship," says the trembling blonde woman who was the first person down the ladder. Her name tag reads "REBECCA".

    Using the hatch doesn't seem to be an option, although the elevator still works. Or you could head back along the maintenance tunnel toward the laundry room/engine room area. If what the three newcomers say is true, a very large number of infected people were just set free into the ship. From the main staircase they can go almost anywhere.

    If you allow them to, Dr. Anna Holm, Morten Rendahl and Rebecca Underwood will join your party.
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