M. nods and quickly walks out of the room. You follow him to the front of the mansion where a long limo waits for you. It quickly takes you across town to a large white building with ERASE scrawled in large, commercial letters.

Welcome to ERASE. Most of the department is research and development of anything that isn't part of the other departments. It also houses the special interests of A. and I. He leads you through a series of hallways with creme walls and doors labeled with small plaques.

You enter a room the size of a gymnasium. Scientists at computers terminals are scattered around the room while various pokemon run on treadmills, have tests run on them, let scientists take their vital signs, or perform practice bouts under watchful eyes. A locked cabinet labeled "Evolution Stones" receives quite a bit of traffic, with workers constantly taking and putting back small colored stones.

Here we run experiments on how evolution stones correlate with the performance levels of pokemon without evolving them. We also run radiology tests on stones to account for variations in evolutions throughout species.

You scan Gloom, Growlithe, Vulpix, Clefairy, Misdrevous, Chandelure, and Snorut


You find your way to the mart, larger than most, filled with a wide variety of Devon products from pokeballs to potions.

The greeter flashes a smile that reeks of boredom. Just let me know if you need any help finding anything.