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    Quote Originally Posted by Thundercracker View Post
    Well that's an interesting thought... what happens to pregnant women who are ghouled? What happens to the fetus in that case?
    Here's an answer I found online. Not sure how RAW it is, but it's pretty well articulated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghouls: Fatal Addiction FAQ
    Q: Can ghouls get pregnant?

    A: I've had a couple of people email me asking this question. There are definitely sources that say the nature of the blood enhances the sex drive of ghouls, often the addiction of the blood transferring to other perverse addictions, including sex. Males don't tend to have a problem as far as reproduction is concerned, for a female however, carrying a baby to term is problematic. Remember that vitae slows (halts) the aging process, by extension, a child conceived would never come to term as long as the mother was imbibing. If a female was ghouled after she was pregnant, the growth of the fetus could also be stunted. Another possibility, is the shock of the fetus gaining vitae through the placenta would result in a miscarriage - this might just be the easiest way to go - this is the World of Darkness and not a great place to raise a ghoulchild. Of course, the Storyteller has final say in these things, and if you really want your ghoul character to be a mother, I suggest you work something out with your ST. A compromise could mean a stamina roll when blood is drank, to determine whether the unborn ghoul can survive the process. Another alternative, if you look at revenant physiology is that the gestation period can take an extremely long time, as the growth of the fetus is stunted, but not halted. "Ghoul: Fatal Addiction" left this area vague, maybe because all in all, the subject is touchy and can even be somewhat offensive.
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