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    Mrs. Questions

    Well specifically the radiation that evolution stones give off, but yes the stones do stimulate evolution. Most of our experiments deal with finding the smallest amount of radiation that will allow pokemon to evolve including standard deviations within specific species. We are also looking at effects of the stones on pokemon whose evolutions use radiation to evolve as well as finding sources of radiation outside of stones, but both are in their experimental stages.

    Shopping Spree

    The cashier retrieves the requested TM from a locked glass case and checks you all out with the same monotonous expression he wore when you entered. When asked about books, he sighs We sell pokemon merchandise, not storybooks. There's a used bookstore down the road. The only book I have is our catalogue. A very thick tome is placed on the desk with an audible thump. It's so thick you presume it has every product sold in any Devon store in Hoenn.
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