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Here's an answer I found online. Not sure how RAW it is, but it's pretty well articulated.
That's a reasonable answer. The book Ghouls: Fatal Addiction talks at length on the matter via the eminent Dr. Netchurch and the answer to ghoul pregnancy is that it demands ghouling the child so the child can never age (develop) and therefore the pregnancy cannot end. Also it can be dangerous in late months because the kid gets Potence inside his mother. Fun stuff.

So a female ghoul breeding basically demands turning her normal for the pregnancy. Which is dicey when considering it means depriving an addict of their fix for the better part of a year. Shame to have that blood bond snap from 'mistreatment' yes?

I don't recall if female ghouls can meaningfully conceive or not either.

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I seem to remember reading somewhere that there are ghoul families (in service of the Tzmisce, if I'm not mistaken). What it said is that if you're born from someone who's been ghouled long enough you get some minor powers even if you aren't a ghoul yourself. So, that should mean that ghouls can have more or less natural pregnacies...

I'll have to look online to see if I dreamt it or it's true.
Your thinking of Revenants which are slightly different. They are "ghouls" that produce their own vitae, something like 1/day or the like, and come from family's that can make the Giovanni look like the Waltons. They age and develop at a slowed rate, having lives a couple hundred years long or such. Including say childhood and puberty, which as a consequence means they are insular since can't exactly send a kid to to public school for long if they don't age. A revenant pregnancy will last several years to boot. They also have things like their own "clan" disciplines not just Potence or what they are taught.

(Incidentally half-vamps are mechanically considered this..)