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    Mr. Paralysis

    Again? You sure are persistent. Cranium, finish this before it gets any worse.

    The pokemon lunges backwards, and throws itself at Volta recklessley.

    Take Down. Par. Roll (6+) (1d20)[10]. (1d20)[11] AC 5 Normal Physical (3d12+33)[58]

    Ouch. Remember in friendly (or non deadly) battles no DST until -200% health


    Down the street from the mart is a small used bookstore. The lighting inside is dim and lights up a maze of bookshelves. As you walk in the girl behind the counter perks up immediately. She has curly dirty blond hair pulled up in a ponyta-tail and seems like the type of person who gets excited over small things.

    Welcome to Uxie Books. My name is Linnea, just let me know if you need any help finding anything.

    Not sure what you're going for here, but if you're looking for a specific book make a perception check. If you're looking for a section of books give me three. For other stuff I may ask for different things

    Sticking out Like a Sore Thumb

    While you arrive at the gym, most of the people on the top balcony look at you oddly. Apparently midgets didn't come to this gym often.

    Down in one of the cages you can see Leon and a large man with no shirt having a pokemon battle.

    Cranidos scan, as well as Volta if she hasn't been scanned yet
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