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    Wand Costs

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    To create a magic wand, a character needs a small supply of materials, the most obvious being a baton or the pieces of the wand to be assembled. The cost for the materials is subsumed in the cost for creating the wand—375 gp Χ the level of the spell Χ the level of the caster. Wands are always fully charged (50 charges) when created.
    Market Prices
    {table=head]Spell Level|Clr, Drd, Wiz|Sor|Brd|Pal,Rgr
    0|375 gp|375 gp|375 gp|—
    1st|750 gp|750 gp|1,500 gp|1,500 gp
    2nd|4,500 gp|6,000 gp|6,000 gp|6,000 gp
    3rd|11,250 gp|13,500 gp|15,750 gp|11,250 gp
    4th|21,000 gp|24,000 gp|30,000 gp|21,000 gp
    5th|33,750 gp|37,500 gp|48,750 gp|—
    6th|49,500 gp|54,000 gp|72,000 gp|—
    7th|68,250 gp|73,500 gp|—|—
    8th|90,000 gp|9,6000 gp|—|—
    9th|114,750 gp|121,500 gp|—|—
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