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    The group follows behind the captain, passing the laundry room and what appears to be a locker room, the room Lurch was in earlier when you first took the laundry elevator down.

    As you continue down the corridor, the roar of the ship's engine grows steadily louder. When you come to a metal door, Lurch stops you all. "You guys shouldn't go past this point without ear muffs," he says, pulling his own pair off his belt and putting them on. "Wait here. I'll try to find some stuff to defend ourselves."

    He opens the metal door and you are blasted by the din from inside. Lurch and Morten step inside and close the door behind them while you and the others wait there. Perhaps a minute later, the captain's voice rings out through the tunnel via the ship's intercom.

    "This is Captain Rendahl speaking. The following is not a drill. A large number of sick passengers have grown violent and are running loose in the ship.

    "If you are on one of the lower decks, lock your cabin door and lock yourself in your bathroom. Barricade both doors if possible—Faen, everything's bolted down, isn't it? Turn off the lights and remain silent. Find something to defend yourself with, if you can.

    "If you are on one of the upper decks, immediately seek the nearest secure area and barricade yourself in as best you can following the procedure I just described.

    "Any crew that are able to do so, immediately proceed to Deck 07 and ready the lifeboats. Passengers, if the emergency alarm is sounded, do not report to your emergency muster stations, but instead proceed directly to the lifeboat loading area on Deck 07.

    "I'll report further information as the situation develops." He pauses, and almost as an afterthought adds, "Thank you for your cooperation."

    The metal door opens and Lurch and Morten reenter the maintenance tunnel. Lurch's arms strain with the load he's carrying. "It's nothing fancy, but I raided one of the tool sets."

    Lurch has brought several wrenches and a two-foot long section of heavy pipe. There are enough for each of you.

    If you choose to follow the captain, he will be making his way back up to the bridge as quickly as he can (going back down the maintenance tunnel and taking the main elevator to Deck 10).


    The red-haired girl appraises you coolly. "I'm Jamie, and my parents both stayed in the Caymans—they were both sick. And I'm not giving you my cabin number, creepo! What the hell." Her expression grows slightly softer and more worried at the mention of the dead bodies. "Wait, for real? Like … crazy sick people killed them?"

    If you allow her to, Jamie Stewart will join your party.

    The captain's voice suddenly echoes over the intercom, delivering news that you were already aware of (see Steve's post above).
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