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    Pumpkin Warrior

    Your end is nigh, for you have opposed the Great Pumpkin King, and now do battle with the deathless!

    Pumpkin warriors are infernal fighters that have dedicated themselves to the Great Pumpkin King as a soldier in his ever swelling army. Through perverse rites, the Warriors are infused with power in the service of their king.

    Pumpkin warriors can be a combatant from any walk of life; by the time they come to serve the Pumpkin King, though, they have no qualms about his methods or the horrifying rites required as their new duties.

    Base Attack Bonus: +6
    Intimidate : 6 ranks
    Alignment: Any Evil
    A pumpkin warrior must make his vows of obesquience to the Great Pumpkin King during the midnight hour of the first full moon of harvest.
    Special (Req. for 5th level) : Before a Pumpkin Warrior can take a fifth level in the class and gain the benefits, once he has the necessary experience, he must cement his service with the final offering... his head. In a vulgar rite performed underneath the full moon, he must be decapitated in an open field, and a pumpkin placed atop his shoulders, where it is filled with the blood of recently slain enemies of the Great Pumpkin King.

    Class Skills
    The Pumpkin Warrior's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Spot (Wis)
    Skills Points at Each Level: 2 + INT

    Hit Dice: d10

    {table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

    |Spread the Seeds

    |Will of the King, Horrify

    |Vine Outburst, Entangling Vines, Growth 5

    |Delayed Seeds, Growth 8

    |Headless Warrior, Growth 10[/table]

    Weapon Proficiencies: A Pumpkin Warrior gains proficiency with the Scythe, they gain no new armor proficiencies.

    Spread the Seeds (Sp) : The Pumpkin Warrior spreads his maw wide and expels a stream of seeds in a 30-ft cone. The seeds impact and deal fire damage equal to 2d6 + 1d6 per level of Pumpkin Warrior, DC 14 + Con mod, Reflex save for half. At level four, the Warrior gains the ability to delay the seeds, causing them to explode the turn after expulsion. This ability is usuable three times per day at level one, and an additional time for every two levels of Pumpkin King.

    Will of the King (Ex) : As the Pumpkin Warrior comes more under the sway of the Great Pumpkin King, he becomes more resistant to other mind-affecting spells. He gains a +2 bonus on saves against mind-affecting spells. At level four, this increases to +4, and to +6 at level 5.

    Growth: A Pumpkin Warrior begins to be able to channel more and more of the Great Pumpkin King’s power, manifesting as control of local flora. The touch of the King through his minions, however, is limited by their being. A Warrior has an amount of Growth based on his class level; once he calls upon all the Pumpkin King’s power granted him, he cannot call on it again until he spends at least two hours resting and meditating, and at least four hours have to pass since his last use of Growth before he can endure the use of it again.

    Horrify (Su) : A Pumpkin Warrior can channel some of the Great Pumpkin King's visage, horrifying all enemies within 30 feet as a standard action, once per day per level of Pumpkin Warrior. Will save against DC 10 + Pumpkin Warrior level + ˝ Intimidate skill or be frightened for three rounds. If the target saves, they are still shaken. Targets immune to mind-affecting effects or fear are immune to Horrify.

    Entangling Vines (Su) : At level five, the Warrior gains the ability to summons a pair of vines from his flesh. Activating the ability is a swift action, cost two growth to activate, and last for a minute. The tentacles can attack as a standard action at the Warrior's normal attack bonus, or as an attack as part of full-attack action. They do 1d4+Str damage, are reach (5 ft) weapons, and have the Improved Grab ability, allowing them to start a grapple as a free action if they hit on an attack. They have Constrict, and do 1d4+2 damage on a successful grapple check.

    Vine Outburst (Su): The Pumpkin Warrior can channel the growth potential of the earth around him through his weapon and into a new corpse. Upon striking a killing blow, the Warrior can take a swift action to call to the earth through the body, causing it to erupt with vines. He can also use Vine Outburst on a adjacent corpse as a standard action. When using Vine Outburst, the warrior can elect to spend one, two, or three points of growth. The Warrior heals 1d8+Con HP for each point spent. In addition, the terrain surrounding the corpse in a radius equal to the points spend becomes difficult terrain for 2 + Con turns.

    Headless Warrior (Ex) : As a Headless Warrior, the Pumpkin Warrior transforms into an elemental, gaining certain traits -- Darkvision out to 60 feet, Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, and stunning. Not subject to critical hits or flanking or the effects of Vorpal weapons. A Headless Warrior, when reduced to 0 HP or below, can opt to spend four points of growth to not fall unconscious. Instead, he goes to Con mod HP. For the remainder of the encounter, the Warrior does not fall treats 0 - -9 the same as positive at HP; they are neither disabled nor rendered unconscious. They still die if they reach -10.

    Pumpkin Warriors live first and foremost to serve their King. Beyond that, they usually are seen spreading terror and death and extending the sway of the Great Pumpkin King through such. They may also use their powers to pursue personal aims from prior to their vows.

    Combat:Pumpkin Warriors follow along the same combat lines that brought them into service in the first place, traditionally in the heart of the melee laying about them with their weapons, using their special abilities cause havoc among the enemy, positioning them with grapples and difficult terrain for maximal effect Seeds, and keeping himself alive using his Growth resource.
    Advancement: The Pumpkin Warrior would be well served to progress in classes that advance his melee combat skills or grappling skills, such as the Baroom Brawler. Alternatively, he could seek after a class that expands his battlefield control abilities. Keeping their intimidate skill serves to increase the effectiveness of their Horrify skill.
    Resources: There are cultists that serve the Great Pumpkin King in many parts of the world, most of whom regard the warriors as his purposeful hand; they will aid them with information and what resources they can without risking themselves. In addition, there is always the King himself they might call on, although the cost might be quite steep...

    "A glowing pair of burning fires shone out of the darkness, moving steadily towards us... Then that dreadful head came into view, the very ground grabbed at us and we were in hell itself..."

    Pumpkin Warriors are seen as crazy cultists at the very least; by those who have encountered one or heard much more than vague rumors, as very real and evil threats to everything good.
    Daily Life: Kill villagers. Plant seeds. Kill more villagers.
    Notables: Tamlyr is supposed to have been the first of the Pumpkin Warriors. To show his obedience to the GreatPumpkin King, he had his son decapitate him and replace his head with a pumpkin, then returned the favor. It was to Tamlyr the great Scythe of Harvesting was bequeathed, a +5 Scythe that, it is rumored, is still in the hands of the Cult today, wielded by the greatest champion the Great Pumpkin King has walking.
    Organizations: The Cult of the Great Pumpkin King spans the world; many practice and worship him in secret, serving him as they are called to, waiting for the day when he takes the world as his own, and they may ascend as rulers. From this are most of the ranks of the Warriors drawn, skilled fighters who are called to use their skills to serve.

    NPC Reaction
    While early stage warriors can still hide some of the evidence of the Great Pumpkin King’s touch, little things like the increasing appearance of flames instead of eyes tend to make the general populace view with at least distaste, if not general hatred and fear.

    Pumpkin Warriors serve as a gateway for a melee fighter to pick up supernatural and magical abilities that profit from his usual position on the battlefield and allow him to increase his control over affairs there
    Adaptation: The Cult of the GreatPumpkin King could be made a small-time uprising/affair in one small part of your setting, dropped in wholesale with the Warriors. Alternatively, some of the evil nature could be removed from the fluff and the Great Pumpkin King replaced with a more martially/aggressively bent nature deity, making more friendly and kooky to general NPCs
    Encounters: Unless the group is evil, it is likely the Pumpkin Warriors they run into will be antagonists that they are set against. There is the possibility of an affront against nature that the group might be called to put to rights that the King has also commanded his servant to act against, in which case the group might be able to make good use of the Warrior’s skills and goals..

    Sample Encounter
    CR 9 A town’s farmers and fields have been being harassed by a shadowy figure in the night, a figure with glowing eyes of flame that sweeps through, cutting into the peasants like wheat, then vanishing

    Chaotic Evil/Male/Half-Orc/Barbarian 6/Pumpkin Warrior 3
    Init +2, Senses: Listen +9, Spot +3,
    Languages: Common
    AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 16
    hp 95 (9 HD)
    Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +3
    Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
    Base Atk +9/+4, Grp +9
    Atk Options
    Atk +16 melee (2d4+6/19-20 x4, +2 scythe) or +12 ranged (1d6+1, +1 throwing axe). +13/+13 melee reach (1d4+4/x2, Vine)
    Full Atk +16/+11 melee (2d4+6/19-20 x4, +2 scythe), +16/+11/+11 (2d4+6/19-20 x4, +2 scythe) (1d4+4/x2, Vine)x2
    Combat Gear
    +2 scythe, +1 breastplate, 5 +1 throwing axes
    Supernatural Abilities
    Spread the Seeds, Will of the King, Horrify, Vine Outburst, Entangling Vines
    Abilities Str 18, Dex 15, Con 18, Int 8, Wis 10, Cha 10
    Rage 9 rounds (2/day), Improved Uncanny Dodge, Trap Sense +2,
    Power Attack, Improved Critical (Scythe), Weapon Focus (Scythe), Improved Trip
    +12 Intimidate, +9 Survival, +9 Climb, +9 Listen, +3 Spot
    +2 scythe, +1 breastplate, 5 +1 throwing axes, 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, Amulet of Health +2
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