Tal rolls his eyes. "If there's no one else to collect, I don't care what cabin you were in. Just stay close to us.

"You and Adam might both want to make yourselves face masks like we have. I have no idea how this infection is being transmitted, but we should all try to protect ourselves as best we can."

Both her parents got sick. She could be incubating the infection. She could be a carrier. Maybe she's even immune, although if both her parents got sick, that probably means that any immunity is not genetic.

He makes note of the Captain's announcement.

If the crew is getting life boats ready, perhaps the best thing to do right now is sit tight, and we can pool our knowledge as to what we know.

"Let's move back to the arcade. I think it was a little more defensible than here, and I think the emergency exit opens near the other stairwell, in case we need to run for the life boats."

Once they are settled back in the arcade, Tal will put Paul on watch. Remembering the Captain's broadcasted aside about bolted-down furniture. He first checks to see which of those heavy items in the arcade could actually be moved in the event they needed to barricade the door.