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    Default Re: [GURPS 4e, IC] The Dying of the Light Infection


    Jamie looks as if she wants to argue, but she bites her tongue and follows you into the arcade. You pass Pete, who has closed the door between the Living Room and the outside deck and is trying to barricade it with some furniture. The chairs are mobile but all the tables and couches are bolted to the floor, ostensibly so they don't get knocked around if the sea is rough.

    The other Carvers are in the arcade sitting on the beanbag chairs beside the TV. Adam, to whom the news of the violence is new, is as white as a ghost. "So wait, they attacked you guys downstairs?"

    "It was really scary," Emma tells him, waving her hands dramatically. She pauses for a moment, then adds, "One of them was in his underwear."

    "Honey, why don't you take off that coat and hat? You have to be burning up," Danielle tells her daughter, but Emma shakes her head furiously and clutches the coat to her body.

    Jamie sits down next to Adam and the two of them look at each other awkwardly. Danielle's mouth tightens and she shoots the girl a frosty stare.

    You attempt to move some of the arcade games and such around, but they're all bolted to the floor. Probably for good reason, since if they fell on someone they'd probably crush them.
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