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    Quote Originally Posted by historiasdeosos View Post
    "Honey, why don't you take off that coat and hat? You have to be burning up," Danielle tells her daughter, but Emma shakes her head furiously and clutches the coat to her body.
    Tal cannot help but note how strange Emma's action is. Perhaps we should get at this in a more roundabout way.

    "I'd like us to compare notes about what we know about this illness. What we know could save our lives.

    "I haven't seen all that much yet, but what I have seen:

    "It looks like when the illness really takes hold, a person becomes extremely violent and even goes looking for a fight: that woman I followed to your cabin was sprinting. I couldn't keep up with her.

    "That's something to keep in mind, too: these people are fast; we probably cannot outrun them. We'll need to outthink them.

    "Thinking, on the other hand: they don't seem to be 'thinking' at all. It's like they are mindless.

    "They seem to respond to noise: we heard some more approaching. If we do need to run, we should maybe try to create a diversion -- some noise in another direction.

    "We saw two of them on deck 6, and while they were trying to attack us. I didn't see them trying to attack each other at all. That strikes me as really strange: they don't seem to think, yet it's like they know who is infected and only try to attack people who aren't infected. If we knew how they did that, we might know whether we could disguise ourselves as infected and be safe from them.

    "That man who was attacking you guys,"
    he nods to the Carvers, "Tell us how that started."
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