They don't really seem like Bonuses that are THAT powerful or flavourful
Also you get 5/8 of them

You should bump them up in power more (Spaceman and Astronaut are ok, Civilian and Police are not)

Also don't just think of Increased Numbers, give each something special.
Like this:
Caveman: You have the caveman set. With it you can make a wider range of Minifigs
For an extra 3 Bricks you can add the Caveman template onto a Minifig.
Caveman is +Str, -Int, LA+1 and a few cool abilities.

Knight might give a Knight Template etc. but only 1 Template can be applied (except if you take Collector!)

I found a good rule of thumb for abilities in Homebrew is you get 1/4 to 1/2 of the abilities listed at level twenty from an Improved thing like that.