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    Name: Kaworu
    Ways to Contact: Rather PM, I don't check my e-mail to often
    Posting Frequency: One post per day or two, sometimes often
    Type of Campaign: Eclipse Phase, Exalted, oWoD, anything but DnD
    Types of Characters: Intellectuals (majority), though I really want to play Full Moon Martial Artist
    Other notes: Not a native, but very eager!

    Actual characters

    Character Session System
    Dr. Benjamin Denkart Red White and Dead All Over Call of Cthulhu

    Past characters

    Character Session System
    Solon Galatas The Vanguard of the Fourth Age Modern Exalted 2.5
    Dr. Albert Carlsson The Steep and Thorny Path Eclipse Phase
    Ryu Hikari Devil Tigers Adventures Exalted 2.5
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