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    Name: Kaworu
    Ways to Contact: Rather PM, I don't check my e-mail to often
    Posting Frequency: One post per day or two, sometimes often
    Type of Campaign: Eclipse Phase, Exalted, oWoD, anything but DnD
    Types of Characters: Intellectuals (majority), though I really want to play Full Moon Martial Artist
    Other notes: Not a native, but very eager!

    Actual characters
    Ryu Hikari |Devil Tiger Adventures | Exalted 2.5

    Past characters
    {table="head"] Character|Session|System
    Solon Galatas |The Vanguard of the Fourth Age |Modern Exalted 2.5
    Dr. Albert Carlsson |The Steep and Thorny Path |Eclipse Phase
    Vintra|Dawn of Man|Lords of Creation
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