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Hm, the class seems a bit bland. Its essentially a bard like spell caster with marshal auras and a summonable minion.

For the bonded creature can the Legion Magus ever switch what creature it is? At level 8 it can only select a cr 6 creature and it seems like it only advances by racial HD or class levels. At say level 16 could the Legion Magus preform some ritual to bind a new summon with CR 16? Say a Planetar?
Alright, did some editing, and now the Bonded Creature is a bit clearer. Bonded creatures advance with their owner's Legion Magus level by Racial HD or by Class Level (Including, possibly, PrCs), and when their CR relative to their owner increases, it can be by the normal HD/Class Level method, or by means of adding a template. At each level, the Legion Magus can replace his BC with a new one by a ritual of negligible cost. It keeps any templates applied to the former, provided they make sense (no Demonic Planetars unless your DM's cool with it), and the relative CR remains the correct number.