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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurtmuran View Post
    hi im searching if some one have an adaptation from dvati race ( dragon magazine compendium) to pathfinder system
    Hm... Give me a few moments, and I'll have one for you. It may be a little quick and dirty though.

    I mean, how hard can this be? I already did the Lupin, the Diospid and the Diaboli. Hm...


    • +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom - Dvati are quick and likable pranksters, but their split soul can cost them a bit when it comes to spiritual matters.
    • Medium Humanoid (Dvati)
    • Normal Speed - Dvati have a 30 feet base land speed each.
    • Darkvision - Sixty feet (2 RP)
    • Twins - A single Dvati is a pair of creatures that share a soul. They require the other like a human requires a heart, or a dwarf requires his liver. The two bodies share class levels and an XP total.
      They share the same abilities, and both must concentrate to use a spell or a psionic power (see psionics unleashed). Both use the same pool of ki points, and uses of class abilities that have a limit. They each get their own actions unless they are casting a spell, using a spell-like or supernatural ability that takes an action, using a psionic power, or doing something that requires concentration, in which case both bodies must give up that action. Ie. a dvati fighter can attack with one body and try to bull rush with the other. A dvati rogue can flank an enemy, but only one body's attacks would gain the sneak attack damage if they are attacking the same enemy; the other twin is essentially running distractions. A dvati wizard trying to cast a spell must have both bodies give up their action to do so. A dvati barbarian going into a rage makes both the bodies go into the rage. Using a hero point for an extra action gives both bodies the extra action.
      Hit points are divided equally among the bodies from the amount rolled. So if you are playing a 2nd level dvati fighter and roll a 6 for your second level's worth of hit points, each body will get 5 (from the 1st level) and 3 (from the 2nd level) but they both add the full amount of their individual Con modifiers for Hit Points, and they both gain the full benefit of feats that grant extra hit points.
      Both bodies start with the same ability scores. Mental ability score bonuses and penalties apply to both dvati; physical ability scores and penalties only apply to one (but see Spell Conduit, below).
      Both twins are subject to the same effects from; negative levels, mental ability score bonuses and penalties, and healing effects. Healing one Dvati only heals them half the amount; the other half always goes to their twin. The twins have telepathy with each other while on the same plane, and can spend a full round action to figure out the other's hit point total and mental state, and direction and distance to them.
      If a twin dies, the other goes into system shock. They must make a Fortitude save (DC 15 + 1/2 their own class level) or take 1d4 Con and Wisdom damage. They also become horribly morose, taking a -1 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks and saving throws against fear. These penalties and damage remain until their soultwin is brought back to life.
      (No idea what I'd cost this. This seems about as useful as an orc's Feorcity, so I'm guessing 4 RP)
    • Echo Attack - If the twins flank an enemy with each other, they can spend both their move actions to create a cacophony around the enemy. The creature must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 the Dvati's level + Dvati's Charisma modifier) or suffer a -1 penalty to all attack rolls and AC against the Dvati for 1d4 rounds. This is a sonic effect.
      (I'd say this is worth about 2 RP)
    • Pair Link - If a dvati tries to Aid Another with his twin (so that both twins are aiding) they add a +4 bonus to the roll instead of a +2. If the twins flank an enemy, they gain an additional +1 insight bonus to attack and damage, on top of normal flanking bonuses. (2 RP? That'd put us at 10 so far.)
    • Spell Conduit - Any touch spell used on one dvati twin can be transferred to the other. This is how a dvati can receive full healing on one twin instead of the normal split it would have. Any harmless touch spell can be transferred instantly. The spell must have been cast by the dvati - spells from other casters cannot be transferred. A dvati can transfer a spell as part of its casting as well.
      A dvati also can tell what spells affect the other body with a full-round action. Was your twin hit with a Plane Shift or a Maze? Since each body can count as its own separate creature for most other spells, this can be important to know. (1 RP as well, so a dvati would be on part with a dwarf, maybe?)
    • Languages - Common, Dvati. Bonus Languages - Any
    I know it's a bit of a lift, but I think it works halfway well for a straight conversion. A few bits I tweaked, but I think it'll help them overall.

    Alternate Racial Traits -
    Harmonic Souls - Your two dvati are in perfect harmony with each other and with the universe spiritually, and this reflects on them mentally. Their ability modifiers are +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom as these dvati are ferried away into religious training as quick as possible to be the spiritual leaders of the community. This replaces the normal Dvati racial ability modifiers.
    (Reason it's just a straight trade - no Charisma bonus means weaker Echo attack)
    Raging Souls - The two dvati have souls that share mostly base emotions, like rage or hatred, and as such have been fighting their whole lives. These dvati have a +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma instead of the normal bonuses from their short tempers and angry resolve. Their echo attack is also more of a roar, being based off of Constitution instead of Charisma. This replaces the standard dvati racial modifiers.


    Echoing Shriek
    Prerequisite: Dvati, echo attack
    Benefit: When using your Echo Attack, you can instead choose to make it an echoing shriek. If you do so, the target takes 2d6 sonic damage (Reflex save for half) on top of the regular effect. You can only use an echoing shriek on an enemy who is not currently suffering the penalties of an echo attack.

    Echoing Precision
    Prerequisite: Dvati, echo attack, sneak attack +2d6
    Benefit: Against an enemy currently suffering the effects of your echo attack, if both twins are flanking the enemy, you may decrease your sneak attack damage by 1d6 so that both twins may sneak attack against the target.

    Improved Echoing Shriek
    Prerequisite: Dvati, echo attack, Echoing Shriek, Base Attack Bonus +3
    Benefit: When using an Echoing Shriek, increase the damage to 6d6 sonic damage.

    Improved Spell Conduit
    Prerequisite: Dvati, spell conduit
    Benefit: You can transfer touch spells from one body to the other even when cast by another caster, but cannot change which body benefits in the middle of the duration. Ie. if the twins are separated from each other by a maze spell, a wizard can cast plane shift on one of them, and the other can leave the maze.

    The need something else too, don't they? But WHAT?

    Oh, I know.

    Dvati Spells

    Echoing Arc
    School Evocation [Sonic]; bard 2, sorcerer/wizard 2, witch 2
    Casting Time 1 Standard action
    Components V, S, M
    Range Close (25 ft + 5 ft/2 levels)
    Target Other body; All creatures between your two bodies
    Duration Instantaneous
    Save Reflex half; Spell Resistance yes
    You and your twin scream at each other, creating a rippling wave of energy between your two bodies. Assuming both bodies are within range, all creatures within a straight line of both of them take 1d8 points of sonic damage, plus an additional 1d8 per two caster levels (maximum 6d8). All creatures subject to damage are allowed a Reflex save for half damage.

    Dvati Archetypes

    Some kinda monk archetype, any ideas?

    Some kinda wizard archetype?
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