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    Default Let's Play: Pokemon Leaf Green (Nuzlocke)

    Hello Everybody!

    So, believe it or not, I hadn't really heard about a Nuzlocke challenge before lurking around this section of the forum, and the idea intrigues me. After doing a google search of some of the optional rules and an archive binge on the comic of the originator of the challenge, I've been itching to give it a try. Since I'm on a video Let's Play kick too, I figured I'd make one out of it as well. I'll be starting in earnest next week, for now I'm wondering people's preference on main character gender and name, votes and nicknames for starting pokemon, and any other nicknames for pokemon that eventually join the team.

    Core Rules:
    -Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead
    -May only catch the first Pokemon encountered in an area, no others (No Duplicates)
    -All Pokemon must have nicknames

    Additional Rules:
    -Cannot catch legendary Pokemon
    -May only buy one of each item from each PokeMart
    -Use the same amount of Pokemon as the opponent during a Gym battle or rival battle


    Part 0: The Rules
    Part 1: Procurring the Professor's Parcel
    Part 2: Rumble with the Rival
    Part 3: Battle with Brock
    Part 4: The Route 3 Rout
    Part 5: Mischief in Mt. Moon
    Part 6: The First to Fall
    Part 7: Return of the Rival
    Part 8: Picking on Picnickers
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