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    "Exactly." A brief look of concert goes over Masque's face as she thinks about it. It'll probably be fine.


    "It does sound familiar. Saigoth was a island built back in the first age around a...well, a thing of some sort. We have circumstantial evidence that suggests it might have been here before Creation, but only the Primordials would know what it really was. Records are perfectly sure that it was in the west though. These gates might be the thing it was built around. Perhaps they move, or there's more than one of them, or history has confused the names."
    There's a pause between this and the next statements.
    "It's on record that the Gilmyne, a type of demon, revere them, these gates, and say that they separate the Universe from something else, and nothing much else on the subject. Among the primordials, Adrķan was the one known in what predated Creation here. I am unsure as to whether that knowledge still exists, but any more answers are probably found in Hell or at the Gates themselves."


    The flock will be suspicious, but with Raziel's brief assurance (should he choose to accept Pyrus's help and give it) will be enough; the soldiers will be appreciated and with only a little suspicion welcomed. Water for such a trip is expensive, but available. It will slow you a little to bring it, but it's much better than dying of thirst in the Thousand.

    ((And with that, the scene ends. Drascin, can you continue the conversation with Nazri in PMs? I don't believe it will reveal anything that will change Drake's immediate actions.))
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