This is the end of the 11th round of our little game. Because of the actions in this round and the few players left I forgo the initiative and describe the ongoings without it. Just remember, TBFProgrammer goes first, then Castaras, then Reinholdt.

Reinholdt and TBF are standing on the stairs of the parlament, discussing. Finally they shake hands, TBF says "Ok, then we have a deal!". Reinholdt slowly nods his head and gets on his knees. TBFProgrammer raises his hand and speaks some holy words, ends them with "And so thou are blessed, noble Reinholdt, stand up with more strength as thou had before". Reinholdt stands up, cleans his robe and, with a smile on his face announces: "Thank you. And now..." Suddenly Castaras, the Barbarian rises behind TBF, raising her club and smashing it down at the cleric. The surprised man takes the full blow and 1d20=17 points damage. He turns to Reinholdt, screaming: Now friend! Our deal!". Reinholdt smiles, takes a dagger out of his robe and says:"Sorry, my friend. But thank you for the blessing." With this he rammes the dagger in the chest of the cleric, causing 1d20+5=15 points damage and kills TBFProgrammer.

The table:
{table=head]Name | Class | HP | state | Initiative | Action
TBFProgrammer | Cleric | -7 | dead | 6 | Bless Reinholdt
Castaras | Barbarian | 27 | | 4 | Attack TBFProgrammer
Reinholdt | Cleric | 22 | blessed till round 13 | 1 | Attack TBFProgrammer

Next round (here to save space):

The roll: 1d20=9, 1d20=2

The table:

{table]Name | Class | HP | state | Initiative
Castaras | Barbarian | 27 | | 9
Reinholdt | Cleric | 22 | blessed till round 13 | 2

So, with this deceiving strike there are only two opponents left. Who will win? Or do you want both to win? You can vote here in thread what you like best, but beware, if any of the two decide to attack the other no vote will help them! If they are still till the end of the round on Tuesday AND you vote that both can win then it shall be so.

If the vote is no then either the Inactivity Demon will nibble on them until one is dead OR they begin to fight each other again.

SO people of Rome: Thumb UP or Thumb down, it's your decision.