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    Default Aether from the Ashes: Etherworld Second Edition

    Note: please don't post in this one yet, I'll have a lot of posts to reserve.

    A short explanation: a long time ago, I started posting and writing a setting called Etherworld on here. I stopped at some point, because I saw it was becoming kind of an incoherent mess, where I would change ideas as I wrote them, and then older posts would barely be connected to it. So, I told myself I'd walk away from it, take some time to think it over, and then write it in one go before posting.
    That has not happened yet. But I want to run a game in the setting, and a half-done one is better than nothing for that. And I'm not sure it will ever be done.
    Quite a few sections are shorter than I'd like them to be, especially world descriptions. Perhaps I'll add more details to them later.

    So, let's get this started:

    „It was a thousand years ago, when the Council of Archmages, the most powerful mortals to ever live, declared war on each other. For each of them wanted to be the only one to wield such power, a power rightfully reserved tot he LORD only. And while they sat safely in their Ethereal fortresses, around them the Earth was torn asunder by fire and storm, and demonic armies marched across the shattered world, devouring and enslaving the living.
    But the LORD had mercy on his believers, and he gave them a new world, akin and yet different from the archmages' Ethereal fortresses, a place of trials where they would grow strong and rebuild, and from where they would eventually reconquer the world...“

    -The First book of Redemption, the World that Was

    “When a man is out of balance, his family is thrown out of balance. When a family is out of balance, their village is thrown out of balance. When a village is thrown out of balance, the province, the country and the world soon follow.
    Worlds, be they the Old World or the New Worlds, are as heavy weights balancing on the point of a needle. They are as single knots in a net that connects all things.
    Man acted against nature and ignored his place in the order. and so, the weight fell, the net was torn, the world was ended.“

    - Teachings of Master Perbane

    „It is typical of the reactionary mindset to blame the destruction of the Material Plane on the arcane sciences. The uneducated mind often fears that which it does not understand, and from that fear, it is only a small step to blame, to hate.
    Now, what we do know is this: approximately one thousand years ago - the exact date is uncertain - a catastrophe resulted in the complete destruction of the Prime Material Plane and its subsequent invasion by entities from the dimension commonly known as the Far Realm, coinciding with the disconnection of the Starplane
    Some mortal races, our ancestors in fact, escaped this cataclysm by escaping to the Ethereal Plane. I do of course not need to stress how important the often-blamed magic was for this exodus: without scholars of the arcane sciences to create new demiplanes, often under cost of their lives, few would have survived even the first year in the Ethereal.
    Of course, this had the side - effect of fracturing the mortal races, as they were now isolated for several hundred years in demiplanes, which no one could enter from the outside. Leaving them even on short expeditions was tremendously dangerous and rarely proved worthwhile.
    It was, after all, only eighty years ago that the Shipwright's Guild first perfected the Aethership and the Planar Penetrator, thereby once again bringing the worlds back into contact with each other. and these are, I must stress once again, both inventions only made possible by arcane magic.“

    -Danard Aqueon, Magus of the Sixth Circle, Caligo Polymagic University


    1. A Short Introduction to the Aether
    2. Major Organisations of the Aether
      The Shipwright's Guild
      The Faceless Cabal
      The House of the Sun
      The Order
      The Retrievers
    3. Demiplanes
    4. The Core Worlds
      The Core
      Belamin: Songs of the Earth
      Ashaton: Living Steel
      Caligo: City on the Waves
      Waketown: City of Shards
      Ember: Fires of Life
      The Spire: Roaring Thunder
      Sirnia: Wealth and Mystery
    5. Life in the Core Worlds
      Magic and Technology
      Trade and Currency
    6. Border Worlds
      The Evershard
    7. Minor Organisations of the Aether
      The Rogue Traders
      The Mist Raiders
      The Core Gazette
      Dreamers, Inspired, Revellers
      Caligo Polymagic University
      The Latern
      The Strangeness
    8. The Aether
      The Boundless Sea: The Deep Aether
      The Grey Between: The Border Ethereal
      Into the Maelstrom: The Elemental Aether
      The Deeper Mysteries: The Lower Ways
      Navigation in the Aether
    9. Creatures of the Aether
      The Ravenous Hordes: The Nathri
      Nightmare and Daydream: The Fey
      Death and the Aether: The Departed
      The Sleep of Aeons: Dragon Dreams
      Endless Empires: The Genies
      Diverse Creatures
    10. Other Planes
      The Tempest: The Elemental Planes
      Between Black and White: The Plane of Shadows
      All That We See or Seem: The Dreamscape
      The Shattered Prime
    11. A Timeline of Etherworlds
    12. Ways and Powers
      Arcane Magic
      Divine Magic
      Favoured Souls
      Pact Magic
      The Sublime Way
    13. From the Mist: Secrets and Anecdotes
    14. Appendix 1: Remarks on Rules in Etherworld
    15. Appendix 2: Miscellanea
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