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Thread: dvati pathfinder adaptation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alchemyprime View Post
    A few bits I tweaked, but I think it'll help them overall.
    That depends on what you mean by help, I suppose. You've cleaned up the ambiguous wording from the 3.5 Twins ability, but in a way that leads to some weird issues. I suggest you read Darrin's post on the Dragon Compendium version (you seem to have went with interpretation number two). What happens when one twin is affected by a maze spell and the other isn't, for example? Wonkiness abounds.

    Also, I'm afraid that I disagree with the Wisdom penalty. The fluff presented in the Dragon Compendium has them as patient, peace-loving philosophers in pursuit of true understanding. It sets them up to be Monks so hard that (despite a favored class of Bard ) their god's holy symbol is a yin-yang.

    Sorry to be such a downer. I just really love the idea of the Dvati (one soul, two bodies, not the specific society fluff) and haven't been able to get them to work right, mechanically.
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