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I'm trying the local approach right now. My first box of twenty copies showed up this Friday. The cover wound up looking better than expected, for something made with the generic cover creator. Interior has a few glitches - no title page of any kind, and apparently page numbers got lost in the process of formatting. Next version will have that taken care of.

The first three copies were given as gifts - two to the local library and one to the owner of a game store. After all, all of his customers talk to him - if he likes it and is enthusiastic about it, there's a leg up.

Five more sold to people with whom I've done business before, four were given to family members, and two more are reserved for further publicity. Tomorrow morning I'm going to visit my alma mater to see if the journalism department is willing to put a review in the school newspaper; it seems likely. My boss is willing to put flyers on the pizza boxes to advertise as well, but I'm not quite ready for that.

That's a good start - 15 out of twenty committed already. It does help having a physical book you can show people. I got my first copy and showed it to numerous people who have shown interest and said they would buy a copy. (On the other hand, my sales figures rather suggest that they never did ).