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    "We had a small argument." The words are sickeningly familiar to Tal, as he remembers his time in L.A., then pushes those thoughts to the back of his mind.
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    "So you think it's the noise that attracts them?" Danielle asks. "That makes as much sense as anything else that's happened tonight, I guess."
    "Well, I think they're attracted to people -- uninfected people. I'll bet if they can see or hear someone, they will chase after it.

    "Come to think of it, the others we heard on deck 6 seemed to be attracted by the bellowing of that infected woman, so I guess any human-sounding noise is something they might chase after.

    "Bottom line: We want to keep quiet and stay of sight of anything that looks sick. Let's all remember that."

    Tal stops, as a thought strikes him. Attracted to human noise -- the ship's intercom -- some place we could enclose them all -- It may be worth trying.

    "I have an idea that may help, but we're going to need to reach the captain or at least some crewmen who can work the equipment and know the layout of the ship.

    "The captain sent crewmembers to Deck 7 to ready the lifeboats. That's probably my best bet for finding someone.

    "What do the rest of you want to do? I think it is safest to remain right here rather than follow me, and one person is probably quieter than a several."
    He mentally winces as he remembers how "quiet" he was making his way across the deck. "On the other hand, if anyone chooses to abandon ship, we'll be right there at the lifeboats.

    "That said, I don't think abandoning ship would be a very good idea unless someone knows where they're going and what's going to be there --"
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