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Yeah, it's an invisibility device. Theo uses it later to dissapear Gil from the streets of Mechanisburg. It just ALSO had a power source, which Agatha hijacked to recharge the lightning generator, like hooking up a flashlight to a car battery.

Also, apparently the Wulfenbach Empire extends as far south as Istanbul, or at least close enough that he wants to position troops near there.

Although they are clearly getting at somthing. Why would Klaus call all his troops to Mechanisburg, at a time when the Empire is especially unstable. I see three possibilities, either lucrezia ordered him to use excessive force, he is using excessive force because he MUST try his utmost to carry out Lucrezia's orders regardless of other consequences (Lucrezia says to storm Mechanisburg, he must do everything in his power to make sure that is successful), or Three, this is somehow another manifestation of his subtle self-sabotage. Somehow, stealthily deploying all his troops and waiting until the Knights of Jove showed their hand will hinder Lucrezia's schemes.
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I count only two possibilities. I seem to be missing the second one.
Option two bolded, it's really the same as option one, only Lucy didn't specifically order him to use excessive force.