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    Default Re: [GURPS 4e, IC] The Dying of the Light — Infection


    You all sprint up the stairs to Deck 03. Brenda is a full five yards behind you now, almost a full stair's length. From below, you can hear the clatter of feet on the faux-marble stairs; the sick people have made it into the main stairwell and are approximately 24 yards behind you.

    You are on the main staircase at the landing of Deck 03. Ahead of you, you can see the Photo & Art Gallery, and through its glass doors on the far side you can see the lights of the Centrum. From here you can continue to sprint upward or you can exit onto Deck 03.

    I'm assuming Maxwell is still following Ese. If not, Corrino, lemme know and I'll change it. You have been sprinting for 8 seconds. Once it hits 15 you begin running the risk of losing FP. If you have a particular deck you know you want to exit onto, let me know and I can just have you run all the way up without pausing on each one.


    Pete shakes his head. "We appreciate all your help, but I don't think any of us should be going out there right now. The captain specifically said not to go out onto the decks. If those things are running around …"

    Danielle puts her arm around Emma and rubs her shoulder fretfully. It looks like if you want to do this, you'll have to go it alone. Until …

    "I'll go," Jamie says, standing.

    "Honey, I don't think that's very smart," Pete says. "It's really dangerous out there. You heard the captain. There are people dead—"

    "Hey, and you're not my dad," Jamie retorts; Pete falls silent. "If they're getting the lifeboats ready, I want on one." Jamie turns to you. "Ready when you are."

    If you decide to leave, Jamie will go with you but the Carvers will stay behind.
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