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    Tal nods to the Carvers. "Good. I think you should stay. I've always been good at stating the obvious, so I'll just say keep a watch and keep quiet. If trouble starts to come through the front door, make a run through the back and down the stairs to Deck 7 would be my thought.

    "But do what seems best at the time.

    "If I get into trouble, I'll send Jamie back up here to you. I will be sure to draw off any of the infected, so she doesn't lead them back to you."

    He considers Jamie. She's not coming along for my sake. She's also not all that attached to the boy if she's willing to leave him like this. Self-preservation, I think: she's looking out for herself as best she can think to. His thoughts turn inward again. Is that what I was doing when I fled to Chicago? She at least has the excuse of being a teenager.

    Before he and Jamie leave, Tal takes Danielle aside. "Maybe Emma is just self-conscious to be in her pajamas with strangers around and it's nothing, but once we're gone, I think you should check under her coat, just to make sure she's alright. I'm concerned if she has any signs of an injury or infection, it could mean trouble. Be careful, and best of luck to you and your family."

    He and Jamie will exit through the Living Room and try to get into the secondary stairwell just bow-ward of them, rather than moving all the way forward to the main stairwell.

    Turning to Jamie as they start out: "The chivalrous thing for me to say would be I don't want you to carry any weapon, because if we get in trouble you should just run. That said, I suggest you find something solid you can hit with, if you need to."

    They will head down the stairs to Deck 7, assuming no incidents along the way. Once reaching Deck 7, Tal will peak carefully out of the stairwell to see if he spots anyone working on the life boats and not obviously infected.
    Stealth roll for Tal (3d6)[15] for Jamie (3d6)[12]

    EDIT: Oh, crap! What a clumsy ox.
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