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    Weird NW portmanteau of hipster and bro speak INCOMING

    Cool. Not casually cool, but something that is really, really cool, in a cutting-edge kind of way.
    Have you heard the new Arcade Fire album? It's super deck.

    Also means cool, but in a more laid-back way, like when something unexpected goes in your favor or someone does you a solid and has your back.
    Yeah, I was late to class but my professor totally didn't care. So chill.

    A person who is "mainstream" or not knowledgeable about indie culture. Often used tongue-in-cheek.
    Kyle and I were talking about new albums last night and he hadn't even heard the new Mountain Goats stuff. What a pleb, yeah?

    A hipster in denial. The standard "hipster who hates other hipsters for being hipsters".
    He threatened to punch me after I complimented his hipster scarf for being so deck. Yesterday he was wearing flannel and rocking thick glasses. He's such a HID.

    Alternate Definition: Used in situations of great caution or care. Used ironically to poke fun at people who use it seriously.
    I never drink and drive and I always wear a helmet while riding my bike. YOLO.

    Wealth or status. Often used ironically.
    Check these mechanical pencils, dawg. I got swag.

    See: Chill
    Man, Fight Club is dope as hell.

    Bro (Also Brah, Broseidon, David Browie, and many more)
    Can either be a term of affection for a friend who has your back, or sardonically for guys who act stereotypically macho.
    Hey bro, what's up?

    Ugh, those guys at The Vaccines concert were such bros. I could barely hear the band over them.
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