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Thread: Slang. I want it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tebryn View Post
    Certainly, but what's Bunny-Hugish about a hoody? I mean, Hood-y like Kitt-y, pupp-y. It's the diminutive form of Hood.
    How is it a diminutive? It's adding another syllable!

    I have almost resisted the urge to add 'bro' to this post, bro.

    I'm going to pretend to assume we call them bunnyhugs because if you use the pockets most of them have in the front they make you look a bit like you're hugging someone, and also it covers your ears maybe, I don't know. All I know is its a better name than hoody. In my personal, Saskatchewonian, always-used-bunnyhug opinion.

    And also you don't have to figure out if the singular is a "y" or an "ie" because one never uses the word and honestly that's just more trouble than its worth and what do I look like, some guy who's not lazy?

    [edit] ALSO.

    During my highschool years I often heard the term 'balling" used in the same way as 'cool' or 'awesome.' Thus I can actually contribute to the thread.
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