For brevity I'm assuming you want to use the key card to go down to the engine room area. Correct me if otherwise.

Ese and Maxwell leave the stairwell, immediately turning right, and Ese slams his hand against the down button of the elevator. The machinery behind the door thrums as the elevator begins to rise. A moment later and Brenda is there, wheezing.

From the stairwell echo screams and a cacophony of hurried footsteps.

"Won't this thing hurry up?!" Brenda screams, wiping her eyes from where the cuts on her face have bled into them. The doors open and the three of you immediately leap into the elevator. There's an agonizing pause as you listen to the sound of the infected steadily approaching, but just as the first of them turns the corner into view, the doors slide closed.

You stand there for a minute, panting and listening to the sound of the things beating on the other side of the door. You've selected no floor to go down to. Ese prepares to swipe his key card to take everyone down to the engine room area, but Brenda stops his hand. "Wait, can you hear that?"

Over the sound of the roaring on the other side of the door, you can all make out a man's voice which sounds like it's coming from over the ship's intercom. Immediately the banging on the door stops and the screaming and the roaring move away, allowing you to hear the last few words of the announcement: "—Thank you for your cooperation."

"Swipe your card," Brenda says to Ese, "before one of them comes back and accidentally hits the button." But before Ese can do so, the elevator begins to descend on its own. There is the possibility that one of the monsters on Decks 01 or 02 has hit the button (in which case you'll all be very very dead), but thankfully you pass these decks and realize that someone has called the elevator from the engine room.

The doors open.

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Upon your suggestion to check Emma for signs of infection, Danielle lets out a harsh little laugh, looking both amused and frustrated.

"She's fine, don't worry. Adam thought it would be funny to show Emma Titanic a few days before the cruise, and now she's terrified of crashing and freezing to death. We tried to explain to her that we're in the middle of the Caribbean, but she's kept that coat and hat beside her bed the entire trip, just in case we have to abandon ship." She look at her children and shakes her head ruefully before turning back to you. "Good luck out there."

As you prepare to leave and suggest that Jamie find a weapon, she snorts. "I'm a sixteen-year-old girl; how hard do you think I'd be able to hit something?" She darts behind the juice bar in the Living Room and returns, smiling slightly, with a serrated fruit knife instead.

You leave the deck via the secondary staircase. As you make your way down, you accidentally drop your walking stick; the clangor echoes down the stairwell … but nothing appears to have heard. Jamie rolls her eyes, and together you continue down.

As you pass through Decks 10 through 8, you can hear strange noises: muffled screams and thumping, as if people trapped within closed doors are trying desperately to free themselves. Occasionally there's a closer, louder scream and a scurrying of footsteps, but you see nothing and the stairwell remains empty.

You exit onto Deck 07. There is screaming here, louder and closer than before. You peek around the corner of the stairwell.

You are on the starboard-side, secondary stairwell of Deck 07, looking around the corner toward the bow. Ahead you can see the Bolero Lounge, and beside it, a busted-in door that leads to the outside deck. A corpse lies beside the door in a pool of blood, its head blown off. You can't see anything happening out on the deck, but the screams that are coming through the door are very loud.