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    Default Re: [GURPS 4e, IC] The Dying of the Light — Infection



    You are indeed quite covered in the crazy woman's blood.

    "He's right, Morten," Dr. Holm says as the group walks quickly down the maintenance tunnel toward the main elevator. She appears to have calmed down considerably, and her voice is crisp and level. You never interacted with her much aside from bringing patients to her, but you always got the impression that she was a smart cookie. "With something like this, we definitely need to keep it contained."

    "Like Cancϊn?" the captain snaps. You've reached the elevator, and he jabs the UP button sharply. "Listen, if the government wants to quarantine us, that's fine. But until they get here, my responsibility is keeping the people on this ship safe."

    The elevator doors ding open and, to your surprise, three people are already inside: the Hispanic man who stuck his head through the hatch earlier; a handsome, dark-haired man with an expensive haircut; and a dumpy-looking woman with four parallel scratches running across her face. Several of the others in the group are pleasantly surprised to see them.



    You are in the maintenance tunnel that connects to the engine room, on the sub-deck below Deck 01. Anna, Morten, Lurch, and Rebecca are all here, along with two others that neither of you recognize: a fit-looking young man with short brown hair and a serious face, and a skinny Hispanic woman in a maid's uniform.


    Everyone's together! Er, except Tal.

    If everyone's okay with merging, the new group will be: Ese, Maxwell, Steve, Anna, Brenda, Morten, Lurch, Rebecca and Yolanda. Do a meetup roleplay if you'd like (Ese and Max: assume someone explains the plan to get to the bridge). If everyone's okay with it, I'll have everyone proceed directly to Deck 10.
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