It has been awhile since I've update but figured I'd try making a sample character just to see how long it took. It turns out it takes about half an hour, which I think is a very reasonable time. Honestly the concept is what took the longest, which is the way it should be for a rules light game.

Lincoln Jones
Vigor 4, Guts 3, Patriotism 3
Health 24, Loyalty 6

Named after the president Lincoln and born to a political family (+1 patriotism) he was expected to do great things. However he didn't believe in this idea of leading a country through words and decided what he needed to do was be a soldier. Before fighting his enemies however he decided he needed to know them, and went out on a search to figure out every culture he could. He set out with no money and journeyed for many years. However after talking to so many people and learning so many different things he found that everyone had good points to make, and decided that he had to help spread peace. (Whenever he tries to make peace between groups he gains advantage.)

He strives for peace, in whatever form that may take. (He gains +2 to checks involving spreading peace.) For a weapon which also functions as equipment he carries a placard bearing the peace symbol. This gives him a +1 Bonus to hit and damage, and +2 bonus to reduce hostility. He has 3 basic combat maneuvers: One is a counter, if he is hit he can declare that he has No Intent to Harm and reduce the damage by three for two Loyalty, he can also convince a group to Stop the Violence for one turn for five Loyalty, and he can throw back an enemy as a Protest for one loyalty.