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Ahead you can see the Bolero Lounge, and beside it, a busted-in door that leads to the outside deck. A corpse lies beside the door in a pool of blood, its head blown off. You can't see anything happening out on the deck, but the screams that are coming through the door are very loud.
"You might not be getting a lifeboat any time soon," Tal whispers to Jamie. "You stay here. Hold the door for me. If I come running back, it means I'm being chased. Don't wait for me: you run up, as quietly as you can and make your way back to the arcade. If I am being chased, I will run down and try to draw them after me. Got it?"

Before going on, Tal takes his hiking stick and finds a way to wedge it between the handrail and the wall a few steps downward and about six inches off the floor. I'll jump it, and hopefully it will trip anything chasing me and cause a big pile up. And if I'm not carrying it, maybe I can be a little quiet, for a change?

He will move to the door to the deck as quietly as he can and try to peak around the edge to see what's happening on deck.
Stealth roll, surely the third time is a charm: (3d6)[8]