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    Default Re: [GURPS 4e, IC] The Dying of the Light — Infection


    You wedge your walking stick near the top of the stairs, and creep (successfully!) over to the door, peering around the shattered frame.

    It appears that perhaps a dozen crewman did answer the captain's call—evidenced by the number of twitching bodies and limbs that litter the deck. The wood is awash in blood.

    The fight isn't entirely over, however. Two crewmen are standing back-to-back, one armed with a fire axe, the other with what looks like a small metal flagpole.

    Circling them are four of the infected: a young girl in a bathing suit, a naked young man, a middle-aged woman with her hair in curlers, and a tall, thin man in his thirties wearing a chef's toque.

    The chef continues to circle the crewmen, his hands behind his back as if he's thoughtfully considering the situation. The other three, however, lunge as one.

    The crewman with the flagpole catches the young girl in the stomach, lifts her bodily with the pole, and throws her screaming over the railing into the sea below. The crewman with the fire axe beheads the young man, but before he can turn, the woman with the curlers leaps on him and tears out his throat; he falls with a gurgle. The last remaining crewman takes advantage of the curler woman's position on the ground and drives the point of the flagpole through her eye.

    It's down to the man with the flagpole and the chef. The crewman lashes out with the flagpole, but the chef easily sidesteps and brings his hands out from behind his back … revealing an incredibly long chef's knife clutched in his fist. Before the crewman can correct his swing, the chef drives the knife through the crewman's throat.

    The infected chef is the only person remaining on the starboard side of the exterior deck. With nothing left to kill, he simply kneels and stabs the flagpole-carrying crewman over-and-over.

    Despite the horror that you just witnessed, you notice that the crewman appear to have partially succeeded in the task that the captain set for them; a few of the lifeboats, which were suspended by davits directly above the deck, have been at least partially lowered.
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