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I figure that, generally, living on a Tau world would be better than living on an Imperial world, but it would depend on the Tau worlds and Imperial planets in question.
Actually it doesn't. It depends on the attitudes of the inhabitants. Tau are essentially Big Brother. If you play nice and get along, you'll be fine.

Some will be treated better, some worse.
Like I said, it's up to the inhabitants.

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I'm skeptical of this. The idea that life under the Tau is no better than Imperial rule is difficult to reconcile with a number of human worlds that apparently defected to their side voluntarily, even running a significant risk of Imperial reprisals.
but (to my knowledge) there's very little evidence for systematic brutality on a par with the Imperium. Like Gol Dukat, they could go either way.
The difference is this;

Gue'vesa Bob murders one of his fellow Gue'vesa. In the morning, all Bob's friends wonder where Bob is. He's gone. His room is spotless, it's like he was never even there. Gue'vesa Jane asks her Tau Overseer where did Bob go? Mr. Overseer looks at his census list, and comments that he doesn't know Gue'vesa Bob, there never was a Gue'vesa Bob. And for asking stupid questions, Gue'vesa Jane's medical records state that as of five seconds ago, she's sterile. Now back to work for the Greater Good!

Citizen Bill murders one of his fellow Imperial Citizens. In the morning, all Bill's friends find Bill's decapitated head on the ground next to his crucified body in front of the local Arbitrator's Precinct. And, in big, flashing, neon letters, are the words "Don't commit murder!" connected to Citizen Bill's cruciform. Now everyone move along and play nice.

One method is subtle. The other is not.

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The inquisition is still there, just without the idiots who failed subtlety 101. All other ideals are supressed, in particular religions (Which is doubly bad considering worship of the emperor is the only thing keeping humanity going). And while they may offer you a place in their empire before the conquer you... If they're making that offer, it means the invasion fleet is already waiting in the wings, ready to descend (And, to be fair to humanity, part of the xenophobia in the imperium is due to the fact that just about every alien species humanity has encountered has justified said belief).
Couldn't agree more.