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    Default Re: Class and Level Geekery IX: the thread levels up again!

    I think Nale may have the Feat Quick Draw from comic 811.

    In this comic, Malack casts Harm and strikes Nale. Then, he casts Quickened Inflict, and misses Nale, but is still holding the charge, and Malack's turn ends. At the end of Malack's turn, Nale is wielding a Wand in one hand and the other is free. Sometime between Panels 4 and 5, Nale draws his sword. Note that a full panel is used for Nale to put his Wand away. Then he casts Dimension Door and escapes, all before Malack can get in a turn.

    In summary, during Nale's turn, the following actions took place:
    1) Nale draws his sword
    2) Nale stows his wand
    3) Nale casts Dimension door

    Typically stowing an item such as a wand is a move action. So is drawing a sword (unless you have +1 BAB, then you can draw it as part of movement). Dimension Door is a standard-action spell. For Nale to do this all in one turn he has to have Quick Draw to make drawing the sword a Free Action, right?
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