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I have no problem with Goddess myself. Never had any particular difficulty with it, and the hack spots are nowhere near as exposed as on London, or the couple of bad ones on Hydra. Getting a hack mission in wave 6 or (especially) 10 on those is practically a death sentence if the team isn't willing to blow a bunch of missiles, even on silver.
The hack spots in Goddess are no better, and blowing missiles is nearly mandatory there as well, even on Wave 3 (Gold, anyway.) The one in the middle of the foyer is especially painful - there are no less than 4 exits down which enemies can run a train on your position, the Marauders/Nemesis/Rocket Troopers always seem to get the balcony overlooking your ring,

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That "lovely sniper perch" in London though? Totally useless if you don't get a team smart enough to use it, which is extremely rare in my experience. Most people seem to like running around the vast open chunks of it, forcing me to do the same if I don't want to be sitting around bored waiting for them to either kill everything or die and leave me to face whatever they didn't kill alone. Needless to say, this makes the map that much more awful, even if I don't get a hack mission.

Personally, I'd rather be slightly bored by a good team and get paid than top the charts because my squad sucks, but my only suggestion here is to play on Gold and you'll never be bored - there'll be more than enough bads for you to shoot at even without leaving the nook. And you have a commanding view of three spawn locations, including being able to zap kill targets with a rocket the instant they spawn if you're trying to hurry things along.

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No offense, but your team mates are stupid because they are playing on silver.

Seriously. Everyone who moves up to gold comments on how coordinated, friendly, cooperative and disciplined a gold team is compared to silver, ecause on silver you can run sound like an idiot and not sit 98% of the match out.

This is not to say silver players are stupid, or that gold players are smart. Just that the trends would naturally shift.
This. And the rewards are better. I never go back to Silver unless I'm leveling up, and even then I don't stay long. (~12 or so.)

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I agree.

I think in retrospect the worst thing was to not realize the whole idea was bad. The fact that they (Bioware, not these two, directly) gambled on creating an ending that would cause controversy and discussion DELIBERATELY and then not knowing their own fans well enough, so they both misjudged both how strong that intended provoked reaction would get, and failed to realize in what way they would react... Especially in combination with the promises made in interviews and tweets.

The whole idea that believing that ending the game with "Lots of questions for everyone!" (directly taken from the final notes for writing the original ending) was a GOOD way to end the trilogy shows a number of people completely out of touch.
The idea was fine, they just bungled the execution etc. Not going to rehash this all over again.