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Yes. Like the Wraith, but higher fire rate, damage and weight, but lower accuracy. Alternately, like the Pirahna but 2 shot clip, faster RoF and much higher damage and weight. Best used on Destroyers and Infiltrators.

Edit: Forgot to mention it also has much higher recoil than each of those weapons. Not quite Crusader high, but still pretty crazy.
Bleh. Higher weight than the Wraith pretty much guarantees I won't be using it. Even my Krogan Vanguard gets 180% cooldown with a Wraith 1, and he has the shotgun weight decrease from his class talent.

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So, apparently Bioware are talking about Mass Effect 4 and that it won't be about Shepard (no duh) or "Shepard 2" and won't even be about a soldier. Though they haven't even decided on the context, aside from it being "very, very different."
I am curious and wish to know more.

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The hack spots in Goddess are no better, and blowing missiles is nearly mandatory there as well, even on Wave 3 (Gold, anyway.) The one in the middle of the foyer is especially painful - there are no less than 4 exits down which enemies can run a train on your position, the Marauders/Nemesis/Rocket Troopers always seem to get the balcony overlooking your ring,
No no, the hack spots in Goddess are far better, by simple virtue of Goddess having actual walls around. You can't get shot at by enemies (especially Ravagers) that spawned at the other end of the map like you can on London. Even the one in the middle you really only need to watch four areas - the hallway on the left, the balcony, the room to the right, and the hallway between the balcony and that room. A big improvement over London, where you can get swarmed from every friggin' direction.

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Personally, I'd rather be slightly bored by a good team and get paid than top the charts because my squad sucks, but my only suggestion here is to play on Gold and you'll never be bored - there'll be more than enough bads for you to shoot at even without leaving the nook.
If I were inclined to deal with the higher difficulty of gold on a regular basis, I'd already be doing it. As-is I only go to gold when I want to speed up money gain, and even that doesn't always work since gold games have a much higher failure rate than silver ones.

But I can tell you right now that there's no way in hell I'd ever play a gold game on London. I'd drop out the moment I saw the map rather than do that. Even when my team is smart enough to stay in the raised walkway, playing on London is still by far the worst experience in the game for me.