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Actually it doesn't. It depends on the attitudes of the inhabitants. Tau are essentially Big Brother. If you play nice and get along, you'll be fine...
...Gue'vesa Jane asks her Tau Overseer where did Bob go? Mr. Overseer looks at his census list, and comments that he doesn't know Gue'vesa Bob, there never was a Gue'vesa Bob. And for asking stupid questions, Gue'vesa Jane's medical records state that as of five seconds ago, she's sterile. Now back to work for the Greater Good!
That's a very... interesting scenario. What are your sources for this?

I'm not claiming that the Tau are particularly humanitarian by modern standards (European colonialism being, I think, the best historical parallel,) but as bad as they can occasionally be, the accusation that they treat indigenous or assimilated populations with the same degree of consistent brutality as the average imperial citizen is, I think, lacking in substance.